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A selection of reviews from our Google Places page and other sources. Feel free to review the current list of reviews to get a sense of our Aiki-"ohana", and add your own!

Sensei Paul is not only someone I am proud to call friend, he is a former student who is now a fellow Aikido instructor. He is a dedicated student of Aikido and a committed instructor to teaching the art as a method of practical self-defense. You will find his teaching approach to be balanced between the philosophy of Aikido and the emphasis on learning the martial applications of the art, without the usual pretentious spirituality. Unfortunately, many schools have lost their focus with teaching the martial side of Aikido by focusing their attention on the spiritual teachings and philosophical studies, rather than developing skill among their students. If you seek a good balance, with a serious and committed training environment in learning Aikido, then the Bloomington dojo is the place you should consider. If you're not sincere about truly learning or you are going to play at your studies, you should consider going somewhere else.
—Joe, Aikido student since 1995   March, 2012
Sensei Paul, I want to thank you for taking the time to practice and train with me during winter-camp. You were very patient with me and you helped make my first time a welcoming time.
—Chris M. from Villa Rica, GA, Kangeiko 2012    February, 2012
Very worthwhile I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of classes here since July 2009. This has been my first experience with a martial art, and I’m finding Aikido to be a wonderful fit. Definitely a wonderful environment in which to learn and work out!
—Matt   July, 2009
JOIN US!!!!! My wife and I are members of Aikido of Suenaka-Ha Indiana and it is the only physical activity we agree on. It may be because she gets to roll me across the mats a couple nights a week. We both have a great time. The atmosphere is very welcoming and respectful. All students come to class with an understanding that you participate to your level of comfort and ability. Classmates provide great encouragment and advice to help you progress—we’ all been through the awkward stage. We’re a rather diverse group of people so there's no need to feel intimidated. Practice provides a well rounded workout for mind, body and spirit. It is an amazing stress reliever. There are opportunities to study with other students across the country at seminars and at the annual summer camp- which has been the fun I've had in quite some time. Come have some fun with us. Guys, if you bring your wife with you, we promise she won’t hurt you too bad.
—Dusty & Sara   September, 2010
For 8 years, aikido has been a large part of my life, and I have met many people and been to many dojos during these years. This dojo, the aikidoka who participate there, and their fearlessly kind leader Sensei Paul stand out as true aikidoka. The warm and welcoming atmosphere combined with the excellent training and techniques provide a fantastic environment for anyone searching for a great martial art, learn effective self defense, and to study aiki philosophy!
—Hilary    January, 2011
A Great Place to Practice Aikido I had the pleasure of working out with Sensei Paul when he started his studies of Suenaka Ha Tetsugaku Ho Aikido in Ashland, Va. The moment he stepped on the mat he did so with such compassion and enthusiasm for this art. His passion for Aikido is infectious which is evident by the growth of his dojo. This dojo has students who are committed to becoming proficent students of Aikido as well as extending the concept of open hand and heart service to their community. Now why would anyone want to study anywhere else?
—Jerome L. Shihan, Aikido Suenaka-Ha Ashland, VA    October, 2010